Advantages of Modular Homes

Advantages of Modular Homes

Typically Modular Homes price out from 25% to 30% less then a contractor manufactured home. These price reductions are a result of the benefits resulting from factory modular construction.

Raw materials are bought in quantity, instead of by the Home, resulting in a much reduced material cost. Whenever a modular home is constructed, it uses efficient construction assembly techniques. Further there are never any weather delays which results in a greatly reduced labor cost.

Savings in Time:
Modular built houses are built much quicker than conventional homes. Once the Design plans are approved by the County, the home is then scheduled for manufacture. At that point, it takes just a few weeks for the Modular house to be finished and ready to ship to the site or lot. At the same time, that the design and the home manufacture is occurring, the builder or home owner can work at preparing the site.

Typically a regular site built house would not begin until the lot was totally prepared,which of course just adds more time to completion. In addition, Modular homes are inspected several times during the manufacturing process and are at least 80% complete when they arrives at a building site, which greatly reduces time constraints for any inspections.

Controlled Environment:
Modular homes are built inside a controlled Factory Environment.

The house and it's building components are always well protected and are never subject to destructive weather conditions such as rain and wind. Meaning your Modular home will never be subjected to the bad weather results such as excess moisture soaked lumber, damaged drywall, wet insulation and warped doors.

Resale Value:
Modular houses typically go up in value the same as a conventionally built home. In fact once they are finished it is generally difficult to see the differences between conventionally built homes and modular homes.

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JACOBSEN modular Construction

Modular Home Construction

Jacobsen Homes is recognized as the most innovative leader in Florida manufactured housing, using the most advanced components and technology available in manufactured home construction.

Every Jacobsen Home is designed by our highly-trained, in-house engineering staff. Jacobsen Homes pioneered the use of Auto-CAD in the Florida manufactured home industry; this is one of the most sophisticated computer aided design and drafting programs available. This ensures that every individual floor plan will be executed with precision. No other home on the market is "Engineered For People" like a Jacobsen Home.

We take pride in bringing our customers the best home available, in the area of your choosing, at an affordable price. Read below to learn more about our modular, manufactured and mobile home construction.

A Family Tradition In Quality Since 1959
"Buying a new home is an important decision. So, we urge you to look carefully. Compare our homes to others in any price range. We think you'll agree that a Jacobsen Home is the finest, most affordable value anywhere."

—Bob Jacobsen, CEO

From our founding in 1959 to the present, Jacobsen Homes has had a commitment to quality, flexibility and customer service. We have strived over the years to use only the finest products and materials. People say there is a uniqueness about a Jacobsen Home that no other builder has matched. The reason is, no other builder has so successfully merged state-of-the-art engineering with the all-important, human touch. Special attention is given to every detail in each Jacobsen home that we build, to bring you the very best home at an affordable price.

This is most evident in Jacobsen Homes' widely recognized leadership in flexibility. Flexibility that provides each and every Jacobsen Manufactured Home customer the opportunity to put their own personal touches into their home. Jacobsen Homes takes pride in the fact that their excellent technology and skills allow them to be as flexible as their customers' ideas, and at an affordable price.

A Jacobsen Home is naturally Green due to the way our homes are constructed. Our controlled building environment allows us to store materials inside out of the weather, reducing moisture content in the lumber and other susceptible building materials we use. Our construction methods also produce less waste, reduces labor cost, and conserves energy. We recycle products to prevent the waste of potentially useful materials, which reduces the consumption of fresh raw materials, and reduces Energy consumed in conventional waste disposal. This all adds to the lowering of Greenhouse gases.

Champion Modular Homes

Throughout our long history, Champion has been acknowledged as a leader in the manufactured housing industry and one of the largest modular homebuilders in North America. In addition to these leadership positions, we have expanded our modular capability to include providing modular buildings for government and commercial applications. Champion was founded 56 years ago as a single manufacturing facility in a small town in rural Michigan.

Over the years, the company has grown to become a “family of builders” providing factory-built housing and other structures throughout the United States, western Canada and United Kingdom. Our international headquarters remains in Michigan, and currently, with 27 manufacturing facilities located throughout North America and Europe, we employ more than 2,500 dedicated employees worldwide. Since our beginning over five decades ago, the Champion family of builders has produced over 1.7 million factory-built homes for homebuyers throughout North America.

Champion provides a wide variety of factory-built solutions, from single-family and multi-family homes, to commercial and government buildings. Our products are distributed through a large and ever growing network of retailers, builders and developers. As a result, you’ll find Champion-built structures in every neighborhood - from rural to urban and everything in between.

A Home for Everyone

We have a home for everyone, no matter what stage of life you’re in. Whether you’re a first-time homebuyer, a growing family needing a larger home, or an empty nester wanting to downsize, we have a factory-built design to fit your lifestyle. From active young families on the go to retirees ready to relax and enjoy, our vast selection of floor plans, home décors and options give you the design choices you want to create your dream home.

Confidence and Trust

For more than 50 years, we’ve established our reputation on building affordable, quality manufactured homes and modular homes. As a result of our experience and knowledge, we have earned the trust of our customers when it comes to their housing needs – including a former Governor of Arkansas. We were honored that, during the renovation of the Governor’s mansion, he and his family chose to reside in a home built by Champion.


Champion is committed to providing innovative, modern factory-built housing solutions to satisfy the needs of homebuyers. It’s this commitment that’s evident in our award-winning home designs, including Cape cod's, ranches, and two-story homes, as well as our industry-leading Ultimate Kitchen and Suite Retreat designs. Take a look at our homes. We’re sure you’ll find that special home you’ve been looking for.


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